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Cultures of Happiness

Cultures of Happiness

Q Original Post: Due Thursday at 11:59pm (3 points) • Describe one or two potential cultural differences in happiness that could apply to your group’s research project. Briefly describe what your project is about to give your classmates appropriate context. One Reply: Due Sunday before midnight (3 points) • Reply to ONE of your classmates’ posts. Let them know if you agree/disagree with their idea(s) and/or how else culture might influence their project.

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The significance between quantity and quality of interpersonal relationships, in direct relation to overall happiness, is the aim of my groups research project. Being that America is of an individualistic culture, social relationships are predicated on the assumption of self independence, rather than social harmony more commonly found in collectivist cultures (Uchida, 2004). With this in mind, individualistic cultural influence could potentially serve as a inherent bias towards self-interest in relation to relationships and overall happiness.