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Poster Presentation Plan

Poster Presentation Plan

Q Once your group discusses the details of your poster presentation, submit a brief description of your group's plan here by the end-week due date. Your Poster Presentation should be 5-8 minutes long, and should provide a verbal summary of your project. You should use the sections of your poster to organize your presentation, and you should use your poster as a visual guide for your poster presentation. HOWEVER, you should NOT simply read the text of the poster. You should begin your presentation with a full view of your complete poster, and then highlight each section one by one. I recommend that you use a Zoom video conference to record your group’s poster presentation. You can use screen sharing to show the appropriate poster sections on the screen as each group member narrates their section of the presentation. Some ideas for the visual part of the presentation are: • In PowerPoint, type bullet points in separate slides for each poster section. Don’t forget to copy in your figures and graphs. • In PowerPoint, use screenshots to insert images of each poster section on separate slides, so you can “zoom in” to each section. • Use Prezi ( You can copy in your full poster slide, then virtually zoom in to each section one by one for your presentation. • Anything else you can think of that will work! Feel free to be creative. Once your group reaches a consensus about your plan, write up a Poster Presentation Plan and submit it on Canvas by the end-week due date. PreviousNext

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Brief overview of Plan: Our group chose to follow a similar structure as the example provided on the “Impact of Androgen Deprivation Therapy on Quality of Life in Men with Stage IV Prostate Cancer.” This poster presented the research study in a concise manner. The information provided includes background, hypotheses, methods & procedures, results, conclusion & future directions, references, and acknowledgements. Our poster will be a visual compilation of all portions of the presentation, and we will further depict the information via Powerpoint. We will divide each of these main topics amongst us in order to ensure complete participation.