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Discussion 5

Discussion 5

Q After reading "Minutes of Glory" and watching the video of Thiong'o reading and talking about his work, please do the following: By Thursday, March 4, at 11:59PM, 1. Post a quote from Thiong'o's talk that struck you--for any reason--and say a few words about why you posted it/why it struck you. You might make a connection between his talk and the story "Minutes of Glory"--or not. 2. Consider the following questions: What is glory in "Minutes of Glory"? Who gets to have it, and how do they get it? How does the pacing of the storytelling help to reinforce the idea of (mere) minutes of glory? What about this world the Beatrice lives in does Thiong'o seem to want to explore and highlight? What does the relationship between Beatrice and Nyaguthii reveal about female relationships in this culture/place/time? • write a paragraph, answering 2-3 of these questions; then, • additionally, do a Google Image search on 1 of the towns or cities or locations in the story, and post that image or link to image. Please also state, briefly, why you chose that particular image. 3. Finally, respond to two others' posts by Sunday, March 7, at 11:59PM.

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This week’s reading and the video were both very thought-provoking and I was moved to watch the video by Ngugi wa Thiong’o. One quotation that grabbed my attention immediately and I would also like to talk about it is when he said “I call this bag my witchcraft.” For a writer