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Chapter 11 Discussion 21/SU-AMH-2020-52815

Discussion 2

Q - Over the course of the last semester we have traced American History from the end of Reconstruction through the Great Depression, through Two World Wars, a Cold War and finally we are concluding with the final decades of the 20th Century. As you have probably noted, we Americans have changed significantly over the last one hundred and sixty-odd years. In a well thought out and thorough entry please explain to me THREE surprising things you learned during our journey through Modern American History. Please provide me with a little bit of background information about your events as well as explain to me why you found each event surprising.

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The Three surprising things according to me during the journey through Modern American History are The U.S losing the Vietnam War: In 1949 China became communist and controlled North Vietnam. The USA feared that communism would spread to South Vietnam and then to entire Asia. In 1965 the tensions increased when the Viet Cong attacked and killed the American soldiers at the city of Pleiku. The air attack by President Johnson to stop the Viet Cong’s supply line did not harm it. Johnson then increased the manpower to stop the communists from winning.