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Current Event Journal 4

Current Event Journal 4

Q Analyze and evaluate a Human Ecology Current Events article. The article must be published during the term that the course is taken. Write an analysis and evaluation of the article, paying particular attention to the scientific accuracy of the material and focusing on how any problems addressed in the article could have been avoided in the first place or the lessons that can be learned and used to create a healthy future human ecology. Be certain to provide a complete Web Address (and citation) for the article in your post. Your Current Event Journal should be approximately 600 words in length. Post your Current Events Journal 4 to the Current Events Journal 4 Discussion Board no later than Thursday 11:59 PM EST/EDT. Post a response to at least one classmate’s Current Events Journal 4 no later than Sunday 11:59 PM EST/EDT

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By the late 21st century, if atmospheric greenhouse gas concentrations reach worst case projections, Floridians could experience summer heatwaves three times more frequently, and each heatwave could last six times longer and be much hotter than at present. According to a meteorologist, Shawn Milrad “More extreme heatwaves in Florida would have profound impacts on human health as well as the state's economy. Heatwaves are a silent killer, claiming hundreds of thousands of lives each year, yet we tend to focus more on the risks associated with sudden, dramatic events such as hurricanes."