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Gross Chapter 3 Quiz Women Religion

Chapter 3 Quiz

Q What is Gross' perspective on history (pp. 67-76)? And what does she mean by "usable" past? There are three areas of feminist scholarship in religion that Gross emphazises as important (or, of what she calls, "an androgynous account of religion"): 1) Women's lives and consciousness, 2) cultural stereotypes and norms, 3) female personalities and/or mythological figures representing the "feminine" - how do all three areas intertwine and why are all three needed? (pp. 79-88)Of the values/guidelines in the feminist study of religion which she outlines, which do youmost value and why (pp. 98-104)? Explain.

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Gross believes that history does not present women adequately. History has focused on events that focus on the men as the most important part of that event. Women have not even considered important to record about their role in that event. Even if it is recorded, future generations have not maintained it. Thus, Gross thinks history to be inadequate.