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Assignment 12.2

Assignment 12

Q Hmong life and culture was completely disrupted by the Vietnam War. Briefly describe that history, including circumstances after the war ended. Other than the textiles, what other aspects of culture are the Hmong in the United States trying to maintain or re-establish?

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It can be said that Hmong had a history of struggle, rebellion and perseverance. According to Fadiman, Hmong had a history which was like a marathon series of bloody scrimmages which were punctuated by occasional periods of peace even though there were hardly any of plenty. There were never friendly relationship between the Chinese and the Hmong. The Hmong chose to retain their own way of life and preferred their own food, language, dress and music over that of the Chinese who were seen to be very incorporative. By the mid-nineteenth century, the Chinese practices drove most of the Hmong out of the north from fertile lands to the rugged mountains southward and from there to mountainous regions across Southeast Asia. In the year 1919 to 1921 there was the Madman’s War