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Assignment 10.2-cultural anthropology

Assignment 10

Q Subject Area #3: Family, Marriage and Childrearing a. Family—who is considered part of a family? What family members live and/or work together? b. Marriage—what are the marriage customs and rules? c. Childrearing—Who is in charge and what is expected of children at different ages? How are boys and girls treated differently?

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Samoan villages are seen to be organized around the household and also extended family unit. It was observed that each household is headed by a man who is called the matai and he is responsible for those who live under his roof. The household is made up of a husband, wife and their children and there are also elderly parents and other kin. One of the qualities of household structure is mobility and the individuals have the ability to live with a wide variety of people and they often keep changing residence. Each household tends to own a plot of land with their separate houses for sleeping, cooking, outhouse and guests.