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Stalin Collectivizes Agriculture


Q In 1978, Lev Kopelev published a series of memoirs about his role in the collectivization drives in the Soviet Union. Please read the excerpt on the link below: Stalin Collectivizes Agriculture and answer the questions. Stalin Collectivizes Agriculture Try to imagine your reaction to troops knocking on your door, taking all of your food or forcing you to move in the dead of winter. Imagine how powerless you would feel knowing that members of your family would soon die from starvation and there's nothing you can do. 1) Why do you think Collectivization was so devastating to the peasants? From this excerpt, give an example of how the people in authority positions abused their power. 2) How does Kopelev justify his participation in the drive? Does this absolve him from his actions? Can indoctrination absolve someone from violent actions? 3) The suspicion of inequality was so great during Communism, it's as if people forgot the Kulaks were prosperous PEASANTS. How were the Kulaks perceived/ treated as scapegoats? Can you think of a people today (anywhere in the world) who are blamed for the woes of their country? It's so easy to blame someone else! Please respond to two other student posts.

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Collectivization was very devastating for the peasants because it was winter when the process of liquidation started in the late 1929 and this extended through the same length and breadth of the country, which continued till two years. As a result, this lead to a brutal climax in the spring and this continued and during this time the bulk of private farms got eliminated.