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ASA Part 2_3

ASA Part 2_3

Q ASA Part 3: Logistics and Leadership (20 points) This section addresses the logistics side of the organization: the people, the place, and the practices. This assignment, for Spring of 2022, is designed to be completed without needing to serve with an organization. Most information can be obtained through the websites of organizations, but you may not be able to answer all of these questions. If you run into issues with obtaining information, please contact your instructor as soon as possible so that we can work together. The website is a site that gathers information about non-profit organizations, including tax information (if there are discrepancies between the GuideStar information and the program’s website information, this is a good place to discuss that!). This section should average between 2-4 pages. APA formatting is not required for this assignment, but it is encouraged so that your instructor can point out any formatting issues before the final submission. Sample questions answered in this section may include: • Who is in charge? What oversight is in place - a board of directors, a national body? • Who is on their Board of Directors, and are the board members representative of the population they are trying to serve (from what you can tell)? • How many people do they serve? • How many volunteers do they use, and what kind of work do volunteers typically do? • What are the values of the organization? • Describe their physical space – do they have one? Is it welcoming? Does it help with accomplishing service goals? • Describe their website – do they have one? Is it easy to navigate? If you were trying to get help from this organization, how easy would it be? Are there pictures of the people being served, and if so, do they seem representative of the target population? • Are people who the organization is serving involved in making decisions or serving in any way? • Is this a local/state/national/global organization? Are they serving people here or elsewhere? • What are the major policies you noticed (do people have to “qualify” for this service?) • What kind of additional training is required from a volunteer? The full Adolescent Services Analysis assignment instructions are available here: PreviousNext

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What drew me to the Boys and Girls Club of Metro Denver was the amount of good they do for the young community. I also have a friend who has worked for them for over a year now and he absolutely loves the company and all they do for the kids and their employees. They serve adolescents from kindergartners to seniors in high school with a variety of different services and locations all made for low-income families in need of an after school service or even daycare during the summers. Services they offer are sports, field trips, and a community for kids to have a safe place to go and the best part of it is that they only charge two dollars for admission which is relatively cheap for after school care.