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A.2.4.3 Discussion

A.2.4.3 Discussion

Q Comparative Advantage and Trade- State Perspective Open the following link and review the article Every State's Trade Partner Discussion Assignment Comparative Advantage and International Trade- If the US is EXPORTING the item, then the US has Comparative Advantage. If the US is IMPORTING the item, then the US DOES NOT have Comparative Advantage Discussion Question: The United States as a country AND as individual states trades with the rest of the world. The attached article shows the top import and export of each state with the rest of the world. Click on the link Every States Trade Partner and select a state. Use your research (Google) skills and find out what what Items the state EXPORTS to its trade partners and what items it IMPORTS from other countries. You can stay with just the most traded items in your post. Discussion Question Requirements: Each student is required to post a 150 word response to the question. The student then must post at least a 50 word response to at lease ONE other student post. Post-=4 points. Comment = 2 Points Submit Original Post by the Due Date. Comments are open for four (4) days after the Due Date or until the Available Until Date How to Participate and Answer Discussion Questions

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China is the highest exporter country in the World. If we observe all our home products, we will find that most of the products are made of china. From little things like a comb to your electronic object, all is made of china. China top exports consist of the following things. 1. Electrical machinery, equipment 2. Machinery including computers 3. Furniture, bedding, lighting, signs, prefabricated buildings 4. Plastics, plastic articles 5. Vehicles: $108.9 billion Toys, games 6. Optical, technical, and medical apparatus 7. Articles of iron or steel 8. Knit or crochet clothing, accessories 9. Organic chemicals