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A.1.4.4 Discussion

A.1.4.4 Discussion

Q Discussion Question Requirements: Each student is required to post a 150 word response to the question. The student then must post at least a 50 word response to at lease ONE other student post. Post-=4 points. Comment = 2 Points Submit Original Post by the Due Date. Comments are open for four (4) days after the Due Date or until the Available Until Date How to Participate and Answer Discussion Questions Discussion Assignment Watch the following "time motion" video of unemployment in the United States during the "Great Recession" of 2008. As we will learn in Macroeconomics, 4.5% is the "Full Employment Rate of Unemployment." This means that there is a job available for everyone who wants one, without the production of inflation. Americans are earning and are able to spend. Discussion Question: Use the Circular Flow model to offer an (1) an explanation of the economic downturn or (2) a solution to the economic collapse. Feel free to speculate on the interconnections of the Circular Flow Model as they relate to the economic downturn. Time Motion video of the 2008 economic downturn Play media comment.

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Downturn means that something is reducing or falling. The economic downturn indicates a reduction in economic growth. The economic downturn is like a recession, but the recession is more severe, and the economic downturn is less destructive than the recession. The stages of this all is following. Expansion Peak Recession Depression Recovery Boom