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7.4 Blog Activity

7.4 Blog Activity

Q Each student is required to post an entry into the course blog, which addresses the following: 1. Research workers’ compensation rules, regulations, and procedures associated with the state in which you reside. If you are out of the country, you can research and report on workers’ compensation rules, regulations and procedures within your area of residence or you can report on your home state, if from the United States. 2. In your post, comment on which state (or applicable residential area) you are researching. 3. Within your post, comment on the name of the agency, commission, board, etc. that administers and establishes policy, rules, regulations, etc. for workers’ compensation within your state or area and comment on the type of system for the state (e.g. monopolistic, competitive, etc.). 4. Provide a quick overview with regard to where and how the state (or applicable area) workers’ compensation laws, rules, regulations, and statutes can be accessed and provide an applicable URL where students could access this information. 5. Provide a discussion on whether or not discounts for programs, such as safety rules, drug-free workplace, etc. are offered or administered by the managing agency, commission, or board. 6. Discuss how safety professionals can help control workers’ compensation costs.

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