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"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”
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7.2 Voice Thread Post Strengthening Families -

7.2 Voice Thread Post Strengthening Families -

Q Comment on the following: #3: Knowledge of Parenting and Child Development “An understanding of parenting strategies and child development helps parents understand what to expect and how to provide what children need during each developmental phase.”

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I think that it is important for every parent to understand that empathy can be useful in ensuring that a child is treated in a humane manner. This is because the child must not be traumatized by too much of scolding or shouting by the parents. Parents can make their instructions clear to their children by ensuring that children are told about something in an assertive tone. Speaking in an assertive tone does not mean that a parent will always have to shout on a child. Therefore, parents must learn parenting strategies in which children can be made to listen to parents. Parents must learn to choose the correct words, phrases and sentences to make the children learn about obedience.