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7.2 Team Assignment - Are You All In

7.2 Team Assignment - Are You All In

Q Team Instructions Using examples and in their own words, teams explain the differences among a job, a hobby, a career, and a vocation. Teams tell us whether they or someone they know has ever experienced a call to a vocation and, if so, what the impact has been. Don’t forget to include cited references as appropriate. Submitting Team Assignment One person on the team submits the team assignment. The assignment should have all the participating team members listed on the assignment, as well as the assignment module, date and title. If someone on the team has not done mutually agreed work for the assignment or participate in it, their name should not be included and I need to be notified. 1. Click the Submit Assignment button. 2. Click the Choose File button and upload file. 3. Click the Submit Assignment button to submit. How to upload a file to submit assignment (Links to an external site.)(video) A call to a vocation and its impact

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There is a close friend of mine who had been in the profession of Office Administration till the age of 30 years. This friend is a Roman Catholic Christian. The faith of my friend has always been strong on Jesus Christ and the intercession of Mother Mary. His faith has always made him remain humble and fair in his decision-making and behavioral patterns mostly. He has also been generous and does charity whenever he can. He used to serve the church as an assistant secretary. While serving as an assistant secretary in his parish and also working in Office Administration, he got the call of God.