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7.1 Discussion - Strategy Meets Obsession

7.1 Discussion - Strategy Meets Obsession

Q Instructions • Reply to the topic below by Wednesday of this week, 11:59 pm EST. • Reply to two classmates by Sunday of this week, 11:59 pm EST. • You will see your classmates' responses only after you have submitted your initial posting. Discussion Topic Explain in your own words - and using examples - how strategic decisions can successfully address the challenge of obsession and when that might not be possible. In your required two comments on others, provide thoughtful feedback on their examples and observations. Don’t forget to include cited references as appropriate. How to Use the Discussion Board How to view, edit, and reply to a discussion (Links to an external site.) (video)

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Strategic decisions can ensure that leaders can make effective moves in the short-term. This is because short-term moves can be made by leaders to try to become obsessed with success and motivational drive. If decisions made by leaders are not strategic to resolve present and future issues, there can never be obsession developed in the minds and hearts of leaders. Leaders have to try to identify the most effective strategies from the alternatives formulated by them. The formulation of alternative strategies must not be limited and must also not be unlimited.