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7-1 Discussion Get Local Rate Your Environment

7-1 Discussion Get Local Rate Your Environment

Q Based on the material in this module and your own relevant research, address the following: • How would you rate your own neighborhood and the city or town that surrounds it with regard to the concepts presented in this module? • Discuss as many environmental factors that affect wellness (mining communities, contamination, nuclear poisoning, population density, socioeconomic influences, new vs. old developments, community gardens, etc.) as possible in your analysis and highlight how these factors support or challenge wellness. • How do these factors relate to the eight dimensions of wellness? Make sure you support your ideas with information presented in the course material, other scholarly resources, and specific examples (real-life observations and experiences). Engage with other students to further discuss the issues they have highlighted. What similarities do you find? Note that response posts are not required for this discussion, but they are strongly encouraged.

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I would rate the neighboring cities of Casablanca in Morocco to be 6 out of 10. This is because the neighboring cities lack a proper infrastructure for providing adequate healthcare facilities to the general public. However, private healthcare is better than public healthcare in terms of private companies and entrepreneurs taking responsibility and ownership of healthcare of the citizens. There is also the presence of yoga centers to ensure that individuals having different notions about healthcare can get together to a common platform to analyze and learn about unknown things in healthcare.