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"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”
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6.1 Discussion - Total Societal Impact

6.1 Discussion - Total Societal Impact

Q Instructions • Reply to the topic below by Wednesday of this week, 11:59 pm EST. • Reply to two classmates by Sunday of this week, 11:59 pm EST. • You will see your classmates' responses only after you have submitted your initial posting. Discussion Topic Explain, using your own words and examples, why great is no longer good enough. As part of this process, define and tell us why total societal impact (TSI) is an important new success metric. Show us how and why streaming rather than shipping and refining your global game are vital strategic imperatives for many companies today. In your required two comments on others, provide thoughtful feedback on their observations and examples. Don’t forget to include cited references as appropriate. How to Use the Discussion Board How to view, edit, and reply to a discussion (Links to an external site.) (video)

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Great is no longer good enough because there has to be something extraordinary or of rare value obtained by organizations. Otherwise, there can be investors and stakeholders not willing to invest in the organization. There has to be more then returns on investment obtained to provide security to the investors and stakeholders. The profits and profit margins will also not be completely effective if there is nothing additional obtained by the investors and stakeholders. This is because the investors and stakeholders consider the factor or factors of unique selling proposition to be the most important aspect in considering the development and maintenance of long-term relationships with a specific organization.