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5.1 Discussion - Obsessive Leaders

5.1 Discussion - Obsessive Leaders

Q Instructions • Reply to the topic below by Wednesday of this week, 11:59 pm EST. • Reply to two classmates by Sunday of this week, 11:59 pm EST. • You will see your classmates' responses only after you have submitted your initial posting. Discussion Topic Tell us in your own words what is meant in the text by obsessive leaders. Outline two benefits and two disadvantages an obsessive leader might have on an organization's culture and productivity. In your required two comments on others, provide thoughtful feedback on their examples and observations. Don’t forget to include cited references as appropriate. How to Use the Discussion Board How to view, edit, and reply to a discussion (Links to an external site.) (video)

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Obsessive leaders represent those leaders who have an obsession for achieving innovation in the designs of products and services offered to the customers by them. Moreover, there is always a desire in every obsessive leader to get work done by the subordinates by inspiring/motivating them to become hardworking and pushing their limitations to achieve innovation. There is obsession shown by such leaders to obtain high quality of work from subordinates.