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5-1 Discussion Wellness There's an App for That

5-1 Discussion Wellness There's an App for That

Q Search the internet for information about scientific advances in supporting wellness. You might find a wellness app or wearable device, a wellness-related website, a health device (MRI, nanorobots in surgery, robotic legs, etc.), or some other kind of interactive resource. Then, address the following: • Share a link and briefly describe your resource so that we all have enough information to understand what it is and how it could be used. • Give an informal review. What are the strengths and weaknesses of your choice? • Is there any scientific evidence that this advance is effective in promoting wellness? Respond to peers who have selected either an advance that is completely new to you or one that you use personally. Writing from your own experience and what you have learned so far, further explore how technology can support wellness. In your responses, consider the following questions: • Do you like the advance? Why or why not? • How does it enhance the human experience? • How does it fall into the history of wellness? • How does this advance affect social behavior? • Is it really beneficial in promoting wellness? Why? Make sure you support your ideas with information presented in the course material and other scholarly resources. Also, give specific examples (real-life observations and experiences) to support your views.

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I found information about genomic medicine in in which there have been predictions and suggestions provided about future trends to prefer precision medicine. There is the utilization of the information received from genomic elements present in the body of an individual. This information is researched and analyzed by physicians, researchers and scientists. Thereafter, there is clinical care focused in which the analyzed results are applied for selecting the best precision medicine.