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4.3 - Discussion Layers of Security

4.3 - Discussion Layers of Security

Q In this discussion, you will select one of TSA’s 20 layers of security or one of the layers of security for General Aviation. In your opinion, how effective is it? Give one example of how this layer of security would work successfully. Give one example of how this layer of security would not work. Read the responses from your peers. Evaluate three responses based on the web pages that you read in this module. Respond from a security manager’s viewpoint. Do you think the current security system provides this layer of security? Would you include this layer of security in your security plan? Examine the Online Discussion Rubric to identify the qualities of effective discussion posts. Note: This discussion ends on the last day of this module.

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Checked baggage counter Checkpoint counters being selected by me, I feel that it is extremely effective. This is because the screening of the luggage through the assistance of x-rays is important for tracking explosives and terrorist arms and ammunition (Kolodziej, 2018). Checkpoint counters are the areas from where all types of prohibited items can be tracked and disposed.