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4.1 Discussion - Executing a Plan

4.1 Discussion - Executing a Plan

Q 4.1 Discussion - Executing a Plan 5454 unread replies.5454 replies. Instructions • Reply to the topic below by Wednesday of this week, 11:59 pm EST. • Reply to two classmates by Sunday of this week, 11:59 pm EST. • You will see your classmates' responses only after you have submitted your initial posting. Discussion Topic In your own words and using examples, make an argument as to why execution is a people problem and not a strategy problem. In your required two comments on others, provide thoughtful feedback on their observations. Don’t forget to include cited references as appropriate. How to Use the Discussion Board How to view, edit, and reply to a discussion (Links to an external site.) (video)

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Execution is a people problem because there can be diversified perspectives of diversified individuals in a team or group for which mutual decision-making can be difficult. There can be issues with convincing every team member to come to a single conclusion because of differences in approaches, attitudes, learning styles, working methods, etc. There can also be differences in personalities of individuals in groups for which problems can occur.