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4-2 Blog Fashion Icons

4-2 Blog Fashion Icons

Q In preparation for this blog, review the article All-Time 100 Fashion Icons. In this module, we identified many different elements that can influence the design concepts and styling direction of fashion. Fashion icons have the most influence over style in our society. Review the list of the All-Time 100 Fashion Icons and state who you believe are the three most important icons and explain why. Then, identify one person on the list who you feel did not belong and explain why. For additional details, please refer to the Blog Rubric document.

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I think that the three most important icons are Giorgio Armani, Michael Jackson and Cindy Crawford. This is because in case of Giorgio Armani, there are still trends of fashion followed with his name while celebrities try to look chic. In case of Michael Jackson, the designs of clothes had been filled with extroverted expressions through glittering materials ad carefree casual clothing. In case of Cindy Crawford, there had been the appearance of a transitioned look of an attractive American female.