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4-1 Discussion What Style Tribe Do You Belong To

4-1 Discussion What Style Tribe Do You Belong To

Q In preparation for this discussion, review the following articles/websites: The 12 Styles of American Man: Which One Are You? Which Festival Style Tribe Are You? Style Tribes Fashion forecasters gain insight about style direction when they are able to identify the current and developing style tribes. The goth style tribe developed into the emo style tribe, and then the emo style tribe veered off and developed into the hipsters. What style tribe do you identify as being most representative of you and the fashion you choose to buy and wear? What style tribe do you feel is still developing? What style group will come next after the hipsters? Refer to the Discussion Rubric for directions on completing these discussions.

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I identify mostly with the ‘Street Stylin’ because I feel that it is always effective to get noticed when there is a juxtaposition of different street-smart fabrics and ethnic clothing accessories. I feel that it is important for me to become a showstopper wherever I go. Therefore, I will always have the tendency to play with contrasting colors and flaunt with something different from others. The most important aspect of this style tribe is that there are no inhibitions for me to feel embarrassed/awkward.