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3.6 - Discussion Aircraft Maintenance

3.6 - Discussion Aircraft Maintenance

Q There are some special issues related to the aircraft maintenance community. Choose one aircraft maintenance issue and respond the questions below concering the issue. Please put the maintenance issue and number at the top of your discussion for easy identification by your peers(i.e., #10. Avionics). Your posts should be at least one or more paragraphs in length, grammatically correct, and free of spelling errors. • What are the maintenance details of this issue? • How should a manager address this issue? Respond to three of your peers' posts. Be sure to read their responses and react from an owner/operator viewpoint. Remember, the registered owner/operator is responsible for the airworthiness of an aircraft. Examine the online Discussion Rubric to identify the qualities of effective discussion posts. Note: This discussion ends on the last day of this module. #13 Complacency What are the maintenance details of this issue? How should a manager address this issue?

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In case of Complacency, there can be employees who might have excessive skills, knowledge and experience in handling and managing aircrafts. Such employees can show high levels of complacency thinking to know everything about aircraft maintenance. Lack of inspiration and/or appreciation at the workplace can be a major reason for complacency. The working style can also be a major issue if the working style becomes monotonous. There can also be complacency of the management not to push the employees to accomplish competitive goals of reaching higher levels of competitiveness. Therefore, managers could not consider to get promoted or to perform in an outstanding manner.