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"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”
– Nelson Mandela

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3.1 Revision Discussion

3.1 Revision Discussion

Q What was your idea of "revision" before entering this course and reading this week's chapters? List two or three concepts of revision that you will add to your revision "checklist" now that you have read Chapter 4 of the textbook. Why are these concepts particularly important? Your post should be about 300 words. Reply to one of your classmates.

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Before entering this course and reading this week’s chapters, my idea of “revision” had been to ensure that there would be editing of my flawed components of writing to change them to better writing components. Proofreading had been considered by me to important to ensure that revision could be done properly. Grammatical errors also had been considered by me to be identified by reading the written material repetitively. After reading Chapter 4 of the textbook, I will add establishment of the writer’s point of view, ensuring completeness of coverage and clarity of organization as well as ensuring that the language throughout is precise, concise, unbiased, and free of affection.