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3-2 Activity: Evaluating Sources

3-2 Activity

Q Make sure you fill out the worksheet in its entirety—otherwise the test will not be accurate. If the total for the source is 35+ points, it's a good indication that it is credible (remember, though, the more points the better, and the only way for the C.R.A.A.P.O. test to work is to be as honest as possible when evaluating each source). If the source scores fewer than 35 points, it's not strong enough to include in your essay and you should find another. After you find a credible source that can be used for your persuasive essay, identify it in the textbox below. Then, explain how the source fared with the C.R.A.A.P.O. test by answering the following questions in one fully developed paragraph: What were the total points the source earned on the test? Where did it earn the most points? How did it earn these points? Where did it earn the least points? Why did it lose points here? How will this source help support the main argument (or counterargument) of your essay?

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The influence of a pay increase on job satisfaction a study with the Chinese Army 1. The source earned a total of 40 points. 2. The source earned the most points in Accuracy, because the information is supported by evidence and numerous references, it has been peer-reviewed and it is professional in appearance and free of errors.