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3-1 Discussion What Is the Link Between a Fashion Theme and a Color Story

3-1 Discussion What Is the Link Between a Fashion Theme and a Color Story

Q In preparation for this discussion, review the following website and article: French Vogue (enter the word trends into the website’s search engine at the top of the page to learn more about what is on point this year and what also might be in style next year) From Color to Cash – How Brand Color Motivates Buyers Color, styling, and fabric heavily influence many of the apparel purchases that we make. Retail stores present multiple theme and color stories throughout the year. A retail store might decide that the theme of the season is Caliente—the Spanish word for hot. The color story for this theme would be salsa, gold, and sangria. The silhouettes for this theme would be form-fitting silk dresses with ruffles. It is the responsibility of the trend forecaster to decide the fashion direction that a retailer must take. Each season, a trend forecaster develops the fashion forecast. What does the trend forecaster create first: the color story or the theme name? Describe the process that you think the trend forecaster should take.

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I think that the trend forecaster creates the theme name first before creating the color story. This is because in most cases, the color story is matched to go with the theme name. For example, Alexander McQueen is a theme name for which there has been customized/personalized clothing styles matched with the colors of black and white ( There is the use of floral prints and there are sleeves with highly decorated designs and cuts. There has to be a lot of research done by a trend forecaster before ensuring that there is a consideration/selection of a specific theme with selections of color/colors.