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3-1 Discussion Art and Wellness

3-1 Discussion Art and Wellness

Q Based on what you have learned in this course so far, discuss a specific work of art or media (painting, graffiti, meme, advertisement, etc.) with regard to its relationship to wellness. • Share a link and/or summarize your topic so that we all have enough information to understand your discussion even if we are unfamiliar with the example. • Discuss how your example relates to the concept of wellness as defined in this course and how it relates to specific challenges or supports of wellness. • Looking at the readings in this module; how can the humanities be used as a wellness tool? When responding to your peers, address the following questions: • How do you think their examples have impacted the state of wellness today? • How do changing concepts of wellness influence the humanities? Make sure you support your ideas with information presented in the course material and other scholarly resources. Also, give specific examples (real-life observations and experiences) to support your views.

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The above mentioned advertisement’s relationship to wellness is regarding the prevention of physical distress/pain and suffering because of acquiring flu/swine flu. There is a clear indication that swine flu can be prevented from the flu shot/vaccine which will be provided by the organization promoting/publicizing this advertisement. The members of every family are being appealed by this advertisement to ensure that protection can be provided to every family member. Therefore, there will not be the requirement to panic when any individual hears about their neighbors/relatives having acquired swine flu.