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2.8 - Discussion Aerodynamics

2.8 - Discussion Aerodynamics

Q Aerodynamics is not the exclusive field of airplanes and pilots. It contains fundamental principles that have many applications. In fact, aerodynamic performance has become the defining factor in many automobile racing series. Manufacturers of bicycles, wind turbine generators, and even tennis balls use aerodynamics and wind tunnel testing to improve their products. How is aerodynamics utilized outside aviation? What aspects of aerodynamics must managers in these fields know? Choose any aerodynamics application outside of aviation. Yours answers for each question should be at least one or more paragraphs in length, grammatically correct, and free of spelling errors. Using your critical thinking skills, respond to three of your peers' posts from a manager’s viewpoint. Remember, a manager makes decisions based on in-depth reflection, criticism, and assessment. He or she creates new ideas and information from what has been previously learned. Your post should engage in an open and constructive dialogue Examine the Online Discussion Rubric to identify the qualities of effective discussion posts. Note: This discussion ends on the last day of this module.

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I think that racing via the utilization/application of automobiles will be an aerodynamics application outside of aviation. This is because in case of preparing automobile vehicles for racing, the principles of aerodynamics have to be applied so that the vehicles are as efficient as could be made possible.