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2.2 Planning Worksheet for the Sunny River Resort Letter

2.2 Planning Worksheet for the Sunny River Resort Letter

Q In a separate MS Word document, please answer the following questions regarding this week’s project (Exercise #3, page 341; also copy/pasted in Dropbox 2.3 instructions): a) What type of writing task is this (memo, letter, email, report, etc.)? b) What type of response does it require? c) What is your role/purpose in writing this document (teaching, promoting, informing, evaluating, leading)? d) Who is your audience? What do they already know about the topic/issue at hand? What do you want them to think or do? What degree of previous knowledge or interest do they have in the topic/issue? e) How will your audience respond? What steps will you take to ensure that your document is received well by the audience? f) What components does this document require (photos, tone, graphs/tables, electronic viewing/delivery, etc.)? g) What are the main points you will need to cover in this document? h) What are some possible interpersonal or technical issues that may arise? i) What additional research (internet, library, team meetings, interviews) do you need to do to support your points and/or complete this document? j) How will you prioritize to complete this project on time? What is your timeline?

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a) The type of writing task for this week’s project is a persuasive letter to convince the director of a resort to pay the required charges for using a lodge for two days. b) This persuasive letter requires a communication response to be direct, clear and professional. This is because the recipient of the message is a top-level organizational member. The response has to sound like a professional obligation to request the top-level organizational member to be compliant while using the lodge for two days. c) My role/purpose in writing this persuasive letter is informing the director about the protocol which has to be followed for using the lodge for two days. d) My audience is a director who is a top-level organizational member and is coming to organize/conduct a meeting for the staff members. The director already knows that $1,500 is the chargeable amount for any group using the lodge for at least one day. I want the director to know about the fixed costs, variable costs, and maintenance costs of keeping the lodge in good condition to live in. That is why I want the director to pay the required charges. The director has a fair idea about the charges and costs for maintaining a lodge in good condition.