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2.2 Icebreaker Discussion

2.2 Icebreaker Discussion

Q Instructions: If that does not work, try this Watch the video and identify elements, analyze this ad using an objectivist or interpretist viewpoint. Respond to the prompt based on the letter of your last name. Part 1 1. If your last name begins with A-M: o State a research question related to this superbowl ad. For example: Why is Mike playing badly? What makes this ad successful? How can you score points. What types of ads do superbowl fans find funny? o Conduct an objective analysis of the ad using your research question. Explain why it is an objective analysis. Include an example from the ad to justify your analysis. Include 1 or more terms related to epistemology or ontology of an objectivist. 2. If your last name begins with N-Z: o Respond to a classmate whose last name begins with A-M o Transform their analysis by analyzing their research question from an interpretist view. Explain why it is an interpretist analysis. Include 1 or more terms related to epistemology or ontology of an objectivist ALL: Come back to the discussion and review each other's response and respond back if necessary. Respond to another classmate, Grading Click on the 3 vertical dots above to view the rubric on earning full credit.

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This ad is shown during the super bowl had allowed it to have mass-market viewing. Knowing this Snickers used characters’ popular characters from older shows to have some star power reference while keeping the narrative simple. For the younger generation, they had a script for typical joke talk. So no matter what generation the storyline is entertaining. What took the success off the top was that since some people may not know who betty white is, this will create conversations between family during the super bowl which added to the success of this commercial. The commercial was so successful that it started a long for snickers that lasted until today.