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2.2 Discussion Circadian Resynchronization

2.2 Discussion Circadian Resynchronization

Q Moving through multiple time zones during a duty period is a regular occurrence for many airline, business aviation, and military flight crewmembers. Present your view on whether it is better to resynchronize on a natural schedule or use technology like chronobiological light therapy to adjust quickly to local time. Explain your rationale and provide at least one scholarly source to support your position. Post your explanation (using APA format where applicable) and comment on at least one other student posting before the end of the module week, in accordance with the requirements as explained in the syllabus.

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I feel that there must not be resynchronization on any natural schedule for aviation industry personnel like the flight crew members. This is because there can be issues like health problems developing with sudden or regular changes made in flight schedules. The adjustment to local time can become inconvenient for some passengers. This can happen when some passengers might not have got adjusted to the local time because of just wanting to visit a local place and then returning to the original place.