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2.2 - Discussion Acme Aviation Safety Consultant Service

2.2 - Discussion

Q To: Acme Aviation Safety Consulting Services. From: C. Lindbergh Good evening, My name is Charles and I’m the CEO of the Spirit of Saint Louis Air Taxi service here at Lambert Field. We have been in business since 1927 and pride ourselves on being a progressive business. Can you identify and explain some of the program elements and considerations for a safety program that we need to consider? Also, expand on this basic concept of risk management. Speaking from experience, I can say that all aviation has risks. What’s new in risk management and this buy-in concept? Thank you for your time. - Charles Also in your reply to Charles, prepare a justifiable statement explaining the need for a safety program. Your response should be professional, succinct, objective, and in terms (economics) that a CEO and CFO will understand.

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To: C. Lindbergh From: Acme Aviation Safety Consulting Services Good afternoon, The most important aspect of making a safety program successful after its finalization of design is its training program. This is because aviation safety managers cannot become competent without being provided with consistent and effective training. Every element of risk-management must be known by every trainee. Negligence is something which has to be completely avoided by every trainee so that every element of safety management is known by every trainee. The different alternatives to managing risks by every trainee if aviation safety program must be identified and learned thoroughly. Every diversified type of risk has to be evaluated by every trainee. Every identified and evaluated risk in aviation safety management will always have some solution. This solution has to be recognized and learned about by the trainees. Hazard control is important for every trainee of aviation safety management to learn and become expertized in.