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2-2 Module Two Short Responses

2-2 Module Two Short Responses

Q Overview: The short response activities in the webtext throughout this course are designed to show your understanding of key concepts as you engage with course content. Prompt: During the second week of the course, you will respond to several questions in the webtext as you complete each learning block. At the end of Module Two, you will review your answers to these questions and ensure that you have responded to each question. It is important that you answer each question; otherwise, the words “[no response]” will appear in brackets when you submit the assignment. The questions and their original locations in the webtext are listed in this table in case you want to refer back to the reading as you edit, but you can edit your responses to all the questions directly in Module Two: Approaches to History, continued, learning block 2-4 (page 3) in the webtext, before exporting to Word for submission to your instructor in the learning environment. Module Two: Approaches to History, continued, Learning Block 2-2 (page 4): • Question 1: What types of primary and secondary sources will you need to use to support the topic you are examining in your essay? You do not need the actual sources yet, but you should have an idea of what they might be (such as an eyewitness account of an event, for example). Module Two: Approaches to History, continued, Learning Block 2-3 (page 2): • Question 2: What are two or three keywords you could use to look for sources to answer this question? • Question 3: What subject terms can you use to continue your search? • Question 4: When you search for CONSTRUCTION, you get a lot of extraneous answers. What Boolean operators and corresponding search terms could you use to narrow your search?

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Some examples of primary sources that I would need for the topic of my essay paper would be: newspaper reports, speeches or diaries and original researches and even letters from people involved. For secondary sources I will need books and scholarly articles on the topic.The key words choices are important to find the proper sources that is necessary for the research. The three keywords that I will use are 'Brooklyn', 'sandhogs' and 'immigrants'.