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2-2 Discussion: Leaders and Followers

2-2 Discussion

Q In multiple professions, leaders might lead in one situation, but follow in another. For example, a manager might lead a specific team but still report up to a director, or a member of upper management, in a follower capacity. Consider what you read in the module resources, then consider your own past and current roles. Describe a time when you were a leader or a follower on a team in a given situation. In your initial post, do the following: • In the subject line of your post, indicate whether you are providing an example of yourself as a leader or a follower. • Briefly describe the situation. • Indicate why you feel you were either a leader or a follower in the given situation. Respond to at least two of your peers. If you gave an example of yourself as a follower, try to respond to someone who gave an example as a leader, and vice versa. Then, take the position of someone on the team in a leader or follower role and discuss the following: • Identify your role as either a leader or a follower. • Discuss the impact your role would have on the situation and the team.

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A situation that I have found myself as a follower is during team lead briefings. Team leaders have leaders in their different teams, and they are the ones responsible for the performance of their teams.