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"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”
– Nelson Mandela

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2-2 Class Meeting

Q Purpose The purpose of this class meeting is to enable students and professors to communicate and discuss ideas in real time. Action Items 1. Complete and submit the multiple choice and short answer questions before the scheduled class time. 2. Have a copy of the assignment with you and be prepared to discuss it. 3. Join the session and actively participate in the class discussion. 4. If unable to attend: a. View the recorded meeting. b. Create a discussion post that includes the following, in bullet point format: ? Insights gained from the meeting (list a minimum of 3) c. Read and respond to one other student’s summary. d. Complete your initial post and response to another student posting by the Sunday following the meeting. Grading Criteria Read the assignment rubric to understand how your work will be assessed.

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#1 I think that the security guard in the Kohl’s situation acted unreasonably by grabbing, handcuffing, and placing a sign on the customers back at the front of the store. I think by detaining the customer he was acting for the benefit of the company, and it unreasonably took it even a step further by attempting to make the customer into an example by placing the sign on her back warning other customers of what would happen if they stole from the store. #2 I see a few main things in the second example of Cheap Sam’s bar that would fall in favor of the customer who was harmed. I feel like even if the customer was determined drunk, he would not have been injured if the bar was in the expected state that any customer would expect when walking through the door.