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2-2 Blog Shocking Trends

2-2 Blog Shocking Trends

Q In preparation for this blog, review the following articles: Fashion: History's Shocking Styles The Colorful History of the Little Black Dress As trend forecasters, it is important for us to evaluate the cultural indicators of change. You have had the opportunity to read about the history of the little black dress and fashion’s most shocking styles. It is important to remember that, in its time, the little black dress designed by Chanel was shocking. The Chanel dress was made out of jersey—a material that was only used for underwear. As a trend forecaster, how do you determine what is shocking and what can develop into a major trend? Were there any other shocking trends that changed the direction of fashion? Are there any current shocking trends that might evolve into the next little black dress? For additional details, please refer to the Blog Rubric document.

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I think that the determination of something to be shocking can be determined by the extent to which an individual tries to be different from contemporary fashion. Fashion designers can try to design clothes which could be extremely revealing, especially for females (Menkes, 2013). This could be shocking because there are specific restricted parts of the female body which are supposed to be kept hidden/unrevealed.