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2-1 Discussion_ Popular Culture and Your Popular Culture

2-1 Discussion_ Popular Culture and Your Popular  Culture

Q Having developed a definition of popular culture in the last module, this week we’re turning to how popular culture applies to you personally. This could be related to your personal experiences (such as your fandom) or things you’ve observed about those around you (for instance, how your family members interact with popular culture). Based on the module resources and your own research, write an initial post that addresses the following: Describe a popular culture artifact that either you or someone around you finds especially interesting. What resonates with you about the artifact? How does experiencing that artifact help contribute to your understanding of society? Share a current issue related to popular culture that you have found interesting or that has personally impacted you. Post an article from a news source. How does popular culture help you better understand this issue?

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I would like to discuss Instagram, perhaps one of the most happening popular culture artifacts that are trending in almost everyone’s life. Instagram is one of those social media platforms that allow one to post pictures, with creative opportunities to decorate and make it animated. It enables people to connect through the sharing of photos and gaining popularity with the number of likes on them. I do not know anyone now who is not on Instagram and update their posts daily. I am quite fascinated by the social media platform as well, but I cannot consider myself today as an Instagram fanatic who regularly updates and is continuously active on the platform.