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12.5 Discussion

12.5 Discussion

Q Part 1 1. List the specific types of media your consume such as TV shows (media or technology), podcasts, youtube channels, followers of specific people/influencers of social media to which you are heavier consumers. According to Gerbner, how do these shows influence your view of the world? Do you think they influence you or others in that way or not? 1. For example, if you follow current events, where and who do you get your news from? Are there patterns where there are various perspectives or follows the same? 2. Analyze patterns (famous people you follow, educators, news outlets), do they have more of a conservative, liberal, or a balance of both? How does this shape how you view the world? Part 2 1. Respond to one student. Based on their viewing habits, Analyze and estimate the themes that are repeated or consistent. Apply your analysis using 1 aspect of this theory. 2. For example, if your classmates are foodies, Great British Baking Show, Chopped, The Pioneer Woman, or Cupcake Wars might be on their watch lists. If Gerbner’s assumptions are correct and a consistent diet of one type of message serves as a metaphorical marinade, then what beliefs or attitudes are cultivated by watching the chefs make masterpieces out of odd ingredients? Likewise, students obsessed with The Bachelor/ette, Keeping up with the Kardashians, or The Real Housewives might end up with a peculiar way seeing relationship norms. Other possibilities might include a lot of health or medical dramas, paranormal stories, or home remodeling shows. This topic was locked Nov 16, 2020 at 11:59pm.

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1. The specific types of media that I consume mostly consists of true crime. I enjoy Criminal Minds, NCIS, Law & Order, Bones. Other shows I have really enjoyed are Knightfall, and Peaky Blinders which have a theme of action, romance and drama. My favorite podcast is called Crime Junkie which is also an investigative podcast on crime. I follow several different outlets of news via Instagram, both liberal and conservative because I like to hear both sides on topics and make my own informed decision afterwards on topics that are being discussed. I also will watch both CNN and Fox News channels.