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11.5 Discussion

11.5 Discussion

Q If your last name begins with A-L: 1. Think about the reasons you have heard or told your professors why you are not attending class or requesting to turn in late work. Share 1 reason. Explain. 2. Craft a good argument using narrative paradigm 3. When you tell a story, what element do you tend to emphasis most often? If your last name begins with M-Z, respond to your classmate whose last name begins with A-L. 1. Are they describing dramatism's mortification and identification to persuade the audience OR utilizing dramatist's victimage and identification to craft your story. State which one and why you think that is the one. 2. Must you identify with speakers for them to be effective or could someone’s differences or particularities speak volumes?

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One of the reasons I've personally (but only once (I promise I'm not that horrible of a person)) used to avoid attending class so I can take my final early, which I am not very proud of, was that I had to get surgery. I had a nonrefundable ticket for a trip I had planned with my family months before the semester began so I didn't know the exact finals dates when booking the trip but I wanted to take the class and the final to finally get my AA and transfer but by also getting a passing grade in the class. It's very out of character for me to prioritize a trip over school, but in this occasion it was the only family trip I would be able to take before I went back to school full time.