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10.4 Self Assessment Letter

10.4 Self Assessment Letter

Q Write a two-to three page letter to me explaining how you met the outcomes of this course, your strengths/ weaknesses with professional writing and how they have changed, and your plan for continuing to develop as a writer. For SNL students taking this course for the H2X, H3X, and/or FX competence(s): please be sure to explain how you have demonstrated the competence(s) in this course by referencing specific projects, texts, websites, and/or activities from the course and how they influenced your development as a professional writer.

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TO: The Professor FROM: Student’s name DATE: March 19, 2021 SUBJ: How I met the outcomes of this course Dear Professor, This course has made me become a better professional writer than I had been before. This is because of the ways in which every discussion, assignment and group assignment has made me learn something new. The analysis of an email as well as a memo made me understand the checkpoints for writing an effective draft of a memo and an email. The true essence, implications as well as usefulness of rhetorical analysis had not been known to me until I completed the first week’s rhetorical analysis successfully. My grade for the rhetorical analysis discussion had made me realize that I had been successful in my analysis. The reasons for formal and informal language to not be suitable for interchanging in writing memos and emails had been comprehended by me thoroughly. The reasons for the unsuitability had been identified by me by my experience in drafting emails and memos in my previous organization. I could connect my experiences with my present learning of memos and emails in this course.