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1.3 Discussion Human Error

1.3 Discussion Human Error

Q One of the key principles in human factors design is to prevent or minimize human error. Five types of error are introduced in the readings (Guastello). From these types of error, select the one you believe presents the greatest challenge to human factors specialists and engineers in the aviation/aerospace sectors and is the most resistant to remediation or minimization. Explain your rationale and provide at least one scholarly source to support your position. Submit your observation (using APA format where applicable) for this activity before the end of the module week. Comment on at least one other student's work, in accordance with the requirements as explained in the syllabus, by the end of the module week.

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I think that the human error which presents the greatest challenge to human factor specialists and engineers is the dilemma associated with the elements of automation and complacency (Batuwangala et al. 2019). This is because there can be situations when first officers and pilots can be totally dependent on automation. Therefore, human intervention can become useless in such situations because of automation dominating human intervention. There can also be situations when complacency can become a major threat because automation failure might require human intervention at every step of aviation operations. Therefore, the limitations of automation must be considered before becoming complacent towards aviation operations with human intervention.