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Q Purpose This assignment is intended to help you learn to assess your ability to evaluate a business code of ethics or code of conduct policy Action Items 1. By the due date indicated, post an answer to the question, “Why do you think it is important for an organization to have a code of ethics or code of conduct policy?” 2. By Sunday, read your classmates' posts and respond to at least one. Grading Criteria Read the assignment rubric to understand how your work will be assessed.

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An organization's code of ethics ensures that the employees of the company are well aware of the goal, values, and guiding principles of the organization. It is the framework of rules and regulations from a law-enforcement perspective. Ethical issues create legal issues. The code of ethics addresses the need to follow the law to the employees and also make them aware that it might affect their job status (Leonard, 2021). For example, if a company sells electronic goods and they use company vans to deliver their goods they must make sure that the drivers are not under the influence while they are driving because if they will lose their license eventually, they will not be able to perform job duties.