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1-3 Blog What It Takes to Be Innovative

1-3 Blog What It Takes to Be Innovative

Q • In preparation for this blog, read the following articles: Interview: Tinker Hatfield of Nike Fashion's Biggest Trend in 2013–2015 (as Predicted by IBM)? Steampunk For fashion companies to survive, they must be innovative and aware of the latest trends. First, define what it takes for a fashion company to be innovative. Then discuss if Nike should embrace the steampunk trend and design products that fit this theme. If you feel that Nike should embrace the steampunk trend, discuss how the company can incorporate it into product design. If you do not think Nike should embrace the trend, identify another company you think should embrace steampunk and discuss how that company might incorporate the trend into product design. For additional details, please refer to the Blog Rubric document.

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I think that fashion companies must try to take individual feedback to ensure that different types of customers are covered. This is because it is difficult to take feedback from every customer entering a retail fashion shop. There must be a group of specialized individuals thinking differently and another group thinking with the past trends in mind. This is important because there can be a juxtaposition of classical ways of thinking with new/innovative ways of thinking.