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1-1 Discussion What Is a Zeitgeist

1-1 Discussion What Is a Zeitgeist

Q In preparation for this discussion, read the article The Single-arity: Rise of the Solo Citizen. Chapter 1 of your textbook explained how a zeitgeist describes the cultural climate of a specific time period. In the 1990s, our culture was obsessed with health and fitness. Across the nation, many Americans began working out and living a sporty life. They started jogging and joining health clubs. Everyday clothing and accessories started reflecting this active lifestyle. Clothing became fitted and had an active look. The Adidas tracksuit became the uniform of the day. In the article The Single-arity: Rise of the Solo Citizen, Faith Popcorn writes that it is okay to live the single lifestyle. If “single-arity” becomes the new zeitgeist, how will this affect the fashion market? What fashion trends, like athletic apparel in the 1990s, will emerge to satisfy the wants and needs of this new consumer? Refer to the Discussion Rubric for directions on completing these discussions.

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If there is a rise in the new zeitgeist, there will be females benefitting more than men in terms of being “better self-nurturers” (Popcorn, 2013). I think that if women can nurture themselves better than men, it would imply that they would also be better nurturers for their adopted children. There will always be the motherly care and love obtained by adopted children. The fatherly care of adoptive parents for adopted children might also suffice provided there is a taste of motherly care in fatherly care as well. Therefore, fashion trends might appear to cater to the needs of single parents and adopted children more than married men, married women and biological children.